When you go solar, you want to make the most of your investment, and have Energypro help you “reduce before you produce.” Energypro offers a complimentary package for every solar customer that includes many of our services from our standard packages. When the professionals at Energypro make your home energy efficient, you will save even more money in addition to your new solar system, as well as giving you the ability to make the most out of your system.

Energypro offers a multitude of energy efficient services that make your home comfortable and environmentally friendly, as well as saving you money. Here’s what every solar customer will receive in their complimentary Energypro package:

  • Up to 64 LED light bulbs: Energypro will replace the necessary lights in your home with LED light bulbs within this range. These durable light bulbs will last longer and could provide an enhanced quality of light in your home. When compared to their conventional counterparts, LED light bulbs offer 80 to 90% energy efficiency.
  • Air Sealing: Cut 15% off your heating and cooling costs with effective air sealing. Air leaks are the unintended gaps found throughout your home and significantly decrease the effectiveness of your homes heating and cooling capabilities. Have the trained professionals at Energypro locate and seal any air leaks to increase the comfort of your home and lower your bills.
  • Duct Sealing: A component of air sealing, duct sealing prevents about 20% of the loss of efficiency for your cooling and heating systems. With that said, this service improves the performance of your energy system as well as the air quality in your home.
  • Water Heater Wrap: Energypro covers all your home’s bases for energy efficiency. A water heater wrap limits the amount of energy wastes by reducing how much energy is used. There’s an estimated 7-16% of annual savings available by including a water heater wrap.
  • Smart Power Strip: The Embertec Emberstrip® AV+ Advanced Power Strip guarantees surge protection and equips your home with a high performing power strip that brings energy efficiency right to your fingertips. Shut down easily from your phone and take control with you everywhere you go.
  • Google Nest Thermostat: This is a smart thermostat that increasingly improves its efficiency as it learns how to best use your energy. The Google Nest Thermostat  controls at least half of the components of your energy bill and adapts to your daily schedule to best moderate your energy usage.

Benefits of Solar Panels for Homeowners

Reduces or Even Eliminates Your Monthly Electric Bill.
If your monthly average electric bill is $150, and your panels produce enough energy to cover your costs, you could save up to $36,000 over the next 20 years. And that’s assuming your cost of electricity stays the same, which it rarely does. Panels with lower degradation rates, like LG, save you more money compared to similar panels that degrade at a higher rate.
Protects Against Rising Energy Costs
Solar is a resource that never runs out and using it as a fuel means it’s free. Unlike traditional energy costs that fluctuate due to changes in fuel prices (oil, natural gas, coal, etc.), your future energy costs are predictable and pre-purchased. Investing in solar for your home is a way to future-proof where you live.
Increases Property Value
The exact numbers vary from property to property, but research shows that solar panels help homeowners fetch a higher asking price. And, the property value advantages only increase as you scale up. For example, installing 5KW of solar panels adds an average of nearly $30,000 to the retail value of a medium-sized home and helps you differentiate your property when it becomes time to sell.
Helps You Earn Money
In over 40 states, if you produce more energy than you use, you can actually get a credit back from your power company. The utility becomes your customer!
Provides Energy Independence
If you choose to own versus lease your system, everything is yours: the panels, the power and the benefits.
Helps the Environment
Choosing solar reduces your carbon footprint because you’re reducing the total amount of greenhouse gases that are produced and released into the atmosphere to support your individual lifestyle. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy doesn’t produce air or water pollution. When you reduce pollution, you’re contributing to better everyday air quality, which lends to better health outcomes for society.

Did you know

59% of homeowners with solar panels made the decision because of the savings on their electricity bills.
Did you know

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