Making Your Home Energy Efficient Saves Money and the Planet

The Energypro Process makes home energy efficiency easy. From an energy audit to full home energy upgrades and certification, you can trust the experts at Energypro will take care of everything for you, every step of the way.

It’s Simple to Get Started.

Turning your home into an energy-efficient home is a breeze when you let the Energypro Team handle it for you. Let the experts walk you through everything in three simple steps. That’s the Energypro way.


step 1

Home Energy

The Energypro professionals do a comprehensive energy audit on your home. They inspect your home and identify areas of leakage and potential energy efficiency upgrades. Choose the package that fits your needs.

step 2

Energy Efficiency Upgrades Begin

Top to bottom, the Energypro professionals will get to work on making your home energy efficient. All work is completed by Building Performance Institute Certified Installers.

step 3

Home Energy Efficient Certification

You will receive a complete Pearl Certification process and report that includes verification of existing and newly upgraded features, the features’ functions, and information about home performance into home value.
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Energy Efficiency

Each year our homes waste unnecessary energy and money that could be easily avoided with simple energy-efficient solutions.

Typical homeowners save 20% on energy annually after making their home more energy efficient

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Properly insulating your home saves money and improves comfort by keeping the air inside at the temperature you desire, longer.

Typical homeowners save 10-15% each year by insulating their home properly

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Adding solar to your home is one of the best ways to make your home run efficiently and save money, Producing your own solar energy can reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bills.

More than 18,000 customers have switched to solar with our sister company ADT Solar.

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