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Your Efficiency Upgrade Will be Pearl Certified

Third-party certified high-performing homes sell/appraise for 5% more on average. Pearl’s national registry is the trusted source for investment-grade information on a home’s performance features, used by real estate agents, appraisers and financial institutions.

Pearl Certification Adds Value to Your Home

Pearl certified high-performing homes sell/appraise for 5% more on average. Pearl Certification is the standard for homes that go above and beyond to keep you comfortable, healthy and saving energy. A home like that is valuable to you – and the future homebuyers. With Pearl Certification, you get the guidance and tools you need to increase your home’s value and maximize its price when its time to refinance or sell.

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High-Performance Assets
High-Performance Assets
Pearl’s certification system enables home buyers to see and understand the value of a home’s high-performing assets when the home is sold.
Increase Value
Increase Value
Research from across the U.S. shows that third-party home performance certifications like Pearl’s add an average of 5% to the sale price of high-performing homes, compared to similar homes lacking these assets.
Private Certification
Private Certification
Pearl Certification is a national firm that provides third-party certification of high-performing homes.

The Science

Pearl's certification system is based on building science.

Pearl Certification was developed in consultation with national experts on energy efficiency and home performance, and with technical assistance from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The system is approved for use in the Department of Energy’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.

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Signed Certification
With your own unique certification number, proving your home is an official Pearl certified high-performing home.
Certification Report
Highlights improvements made to the home with specific installation and product information, photos, and comparison data.
Residential Green and Energy Efficient Appraisal Addendum
Verifies the value of your home as energy efficient.

Download a Sample Pearl Certification Report

See what a Gold Pearl home certification report looks like and how it adds value to your home.

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