Bluetooth® Smart Power Strip

Smart technology to make saving energy easy.

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Why Should I use a Smart Power Strip?

The Embertec Emberstrip® AV+ Advanced Power Strip (APS) is the highest performing energy-saving APS available worldwide. Featuring the Embertec-invented Active Powerdown® and a superior 64k microprocessor, the Emberstrip® 8AV+ with Bluetooth® delivers best-in-class reliability, with proven customer satisfaction and an industry first Measurement and Verification feature for utilities and implementers.

Benefits of Embertec Emberstrip® AV+ Advanced Power Strip

Easy to install
Guaranteed surge protection
Receive messages and reminders
Control with your smartphone or tablet
Connect from anywhere
The Smart Strip makes shutting down fast, easy and complete
Independently tested and proven
Saves a minimum of $29 a year in energy costs
Recommended by many environmental groups
Pays for itself in as little as six months

Connect from anywhere with Emberconnect App

Embertec’s Bluetooth® APS, incorporates an industry standard Bluetooth® Low Energy radio within the Embertec APS IR sensor. This enables complete control of one or more Embertec APS devices directly from the homeowner’s Apple iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

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