If lowering your energy bill is something near and dear to your heart, this article will make your day! We’re going to explain how the Sense home energy monitor, through some pretty cool machine learning, can help save you money.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What the Sense home energy monitor is
  • How the Sense home energy monitor works
  • How the Sense home energy monitor can help you save money

Let’s get started!

What is the Sense Home Energy Monitor?

Simply put, Sense is a small device that uses machine learning to give homeowners a live look into how their house is using power. Over time, this machine learning technology can recognize individual devices, show their overall power usage and provide ideas about which appliances might be using power unnecessarily.

How the Sense Home Energy Monitor Works

The Sense attaches to individual wires inside circuit boxes and immediately begins to track and identify appliances and devices using power in your home. From Sense:

“The Sense home energy monitor detects devices by making use of the fact that every device plugged into your home’s electrical system has a signature approach to using electricity.”

How Sense Gathers and Updates Your Power Data

The Sense data team is constantly working through challenges to identify all kinds of appliances and devices. Through their work and machine learning, they can quickly negate things like:

  • What each unique electrical signature is
  • Determine how the signatures appear in electrical signals 
  • Map those signals to the different devices in your home

It is a wildly complex and intricate task to map all the different signals from all the devices. Fortunately, with machine learning and constant updates from the Sense data team, the home energy monitor keeps getting increasingly granular with your power data.

That data is then sent via WiFi to an app that begins tracking and displaying power usage almost immediately. Over time, more and more appliances and devices will be identified, even helping identify “vampire” power sources, like:

  • TVs left in stand-by mode 
  • Phone chargers left plugged into the wall 
  • Nightlights

Smart Home Integrations

Moreover, Sense has integrations with smart home assistants like Google and Amazon’s Alexa. From Sense:

“Using the Google Assistant, Sense users have another convenient way to know what’s going on in their home. For instance, you can say, ‘Hey, Google, ask Sense if my oven is on,’ or ‘Ask Sense if the dryer has turned off,’ and get the answer. Sense tracks the entire home’s energy usage, so Google Assistant can ask Sense how much power the home is using or how much solar energy it is producing”

Sense Solar and Your Solar Panels

sense home energy monitor

Sense Solar provides real-time monitoring of your solar panel array’s energy production. Most solar panel arrays come with some kind of monitoring software already.

However, in the case yours doesn’t, Sense can provide that monitoring. It will show you things like real-time production, historical data about your solar power production, net metering data, and even how much power you pull from the power grid versus your solar panels. 

How the Sense Home Energy Monitor Can Save You Money

It’s simple! The more you know about the energy being consumed (and even produced) in your home, you’re able to hone in on your own habits and see what you can do to reduce your overall power consumption. It can also show you major energy hogs — devices or appliances that may be malfunctioning in a way that makes it pull more power than it requires.

Seeing this information in real time and watching historical data grow, you can learn about what appliances or devices are sapping energy when they shouldn’t be or MORE than they should be. As time goes on, you’ll know when your peak consumption hours are and which appliances to unplug, thus saving you money.

You can even take it a step further via the Sense app and set up customized notifications for things like peak consumption hours, if a device or appliance was left on for a certain duration of time, and even set goals via the app to help you and your family learn new habits to help bring your overall energy consumption down.

Energypro and the Sense Home Energy Monitor

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