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Air Seal HomeThe EPA’s Energy Star Program estimates a typical family spends about a third of its annual heating and cooling budget — roughly $350 — on air that leaks into or out of the house through unintended gaps and cracks. With the money you waste in just one year, you can plug many of those leaks. Air Seal Home is among the most cost-effective things you can do to conserve energy and increase comfort, according to Energy Star.

Here are eight places to start to air seal your home:

  • Insulate Around Recessed Lights
  • Plug Open Stud Cavities
  • Close Gaps Around Flues and Chimneys
  • Weatherstrip the Attic Access Door
  • Squirt Foam in Medium-Size Gaps
  • Caulk Skinny Gaps
  • Install Attic Tent Over Attic Hatch
  • Tighten Up Around Windows and Doors

Air Sealing is restricting the passage of air through the walls, floor, or ceiling so the home is more energy efficient and the process of heating or cooling the home takes less energy and less money.

attic-tentEnergypro will install an Attic Tent to create an air transfer barrier between your attic and living areas. This will eliminate wasted energy in your home.

Annual Estimated Savings – $210

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